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About Department of Environmental Science

The Department of Environmental Science (DoES), Stamford University Bangladesh (SUB) was established with the vision to enhance the quality of teaching and research activities for sustainable development and environmental conservation. This Department offers both Bachelorof Science (B.Sc.) four (04) years and Master of Science (M.Sc.) programs in Environmental Science. The programs are designed to study contemporary environmental issues focusing on different dimensions affecting man and its habitat. The major courses encompass Fundamentals of Environmental Science, Earth Science, Ecology, Cartography, Climatology, Forestry and Agriculture Management, Environmental Chemistry, Physical Environment, Geography and Environment, Basic Statistics, Environmental Planning and Management, Biodiversity and Conservation, Fluvial Geomorphology, Environmental Health, Gender, Environment and Development, Research Project, Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Issues, Climate Change, Global Warming, Natural Hazards and Disaster Management,Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Environmental Planning and Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Laws and Policies, Environmental Economics, Environmental Chemistry, Ecology and Biodiversity, Hydrogeology and Water Resource Management, Pollution and Waste Management, Research Technique etc. TheDepartment was awarded UGC HEQEP Sub-Project financed by World Bank for capacity buildingbased on Intended Learning Outcomes. The Department has successfully completed its Self-Assessment with obtaining 87.3% marks by External Peer Reviewer (EPR) and has taken initiatives for overall quality improvement according to the recommendations by EPR.

The currentcurriculum opens exciting prospects into a wide range of careers so that graduates can enter into the work-force immediately or pursue higher education at higher levels to further explore their interests. A number of environment-oriented career paths are becoming increasingly prevalent today and include, but are not limited to, sustainability, renewable energy, conservation, agriculture, urban planning and development, natural resource management and education. The potential job opportunities are observed at renowned national organizations and institutions,such as DoE, BMD, BAE, CEGIS, BWDB, SPARRSO, LGED, BBS, BAPEX, RAJUK, PWBD, PDB, WASA, City Corporations, different consultancy firms etc. as well as international organizations e.g., UNEP, UNICEF, UNHRC,IOM, FAO, IUCN, DANIDA, SDC, KOICA, USAID, UKAID, etc.

The options to choose from when it comes to higher education in Bangladesh may seem many but few are on par in quality and history with Stamford.

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Message from the Chairman

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumder
Dean, Faculty of Science
Chairman, Department of Environmental Science
Stamford University Bangladesh

Welcome to the Department of Environment of Science at Stamford University Bangladesh, one of the scope to learn the depth aspects and impacts on contemporary environmental issues with sustainable solutions. The Department offers four year Bachelor of Science, B.Sc (Honors); one year Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Environment of Science. We are well-equipped with international curricula, renowned faculty, laboratory facility and research projects to create promising future leaders for sustainable transition which gives us not only aa very well reputation not only.

The Department offers both undergraduate post-graduate in Environmental Science with aiming to enhance the quality of teaching and research for the sustainable development and environmental conservation for living being. The vision of this Department is to bring the advancement in existing educational facilities through promoting the educational facilities to serve the world via skilled graduates. The programs are designed to study contemporary environmental issues focusing on different dimensions affecting man and its habitat. It covers all contemporary issues in the areas of science and technology for sustainable development in particular pollution management, GIS and RS for urban planning, sustainability, renewable energy, conservation, agriculture, natural resource management, health and education. The graduates have the potential job opportunities at national and international organizations and institutions.

Our distinguished faculties are renowned and have specialization in the various fields of environmental sciences and committed to prepare future environmentalists to get ready with constantly arising and evolving environmental challenges. The department has its own Journal and publishing in a regular manner science 2012 namely “Stamford Journal of Environment and Human Habitat (SJEHH)”. Department has two well-equipped laboratory namely Environmental pollution lab and GIS and Remote sensing Lab. Some unique characteristics of this department are: learning and earning program; small research grants; chairman’s award; research assistance ship; seminar and workshop based learning; invited lecture by national and internationally renowned environmental scientist and environmental activist; involved environment activism; environmental volunteerism etc. for the students. I strongly invite you to explore these possibilities and tag yourself in sustainable procession. Thank you for your interest in this dynamic department.