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The Department organizes regular study tours as well field visits to various parts of the countryso that students can deal with environmental problems. In addition, the department offers training ranging from air pollution monitoring, EIA, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), GIS, water quality monitoring, etc. The existing environmental laboratoryhas the facilities for pollution study by analyzing and monitoring specific parameters ofsoil, air, water in collaboration with Chemistry, Pharmacy, Architecture and Microbiology Departments. Furthermore, Department has a well-equipped GIS and Remote Sensing laboratory with high-speed internet facilitythat has widely been used for geographic data base management, spatial and digital remote sensing analysis and mapping. The findings generated from the academicresearch and thesis works are published in variousnational and international journals. Besides, the Department publishes a regular journal named ‘Stamford Journal of Environment and Human Habitat (SJEHH)’ on annual basis. Furthermore,thedistinguished faculties of this Department are nationally and internationally renowned and have specialization in variousfields of environmental science.



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